The University of Africa is committed to making access to education as achievable as possible for as many Zambians as possible. To do this we keep our fees as low as possible but not so low that we have to compromise on our teaching and the quality education that we deliver for every student.

At the same time we recognise that as a Private University our high standards and results do not entitle us or our students to government subsidies or grants. Therefor we go out of our way to offer periodic scholarship programmes where students are able to apply for scholarships to cover a significant part of their tuition fees. Click on the blue enquiry button above to find out whether there is a scholarship available for you.

There are also a number of companies, NGO's and government ministries which have concluded arrangements with the University in order to offer scholarships to their employees. Ask your employer if they have signed an MOU with the University of Africa that could entitle you to a scholarship, or contact us to find out.

In addition, the University of Africa also makes full scholarships available to specific needy individuals every year, to support their good deeds in the community in which they live. These are specific programmes for which interested people must apply, and they are advertised on our Facebook page.

Enquire about scholarships by clicking on the blue enquiry button now!