The University of Africa is committed to making access to high quality education as achievable as possible for as many Zambians as possible. 

To do this we keep our fees as low as possible but not so low that we have to compromise on our teaching and the quality education that we deliver for every student. Government, companies, organisations, institutions and schools know that a student who has completed their studies at the University of Africa is well qualified and is an asset for their organisation.

Unlike many other universities we include the cost of our modules (books) in the tuition fees, and also the cost of library access and examinations. 

We also offer the most flexible payment options on the market to enable students to manage their cash flow while they study. 

You can access the 2019 price list by clicking on the button below and you can enquire with our helpful Enrolment Officers by clicking on the enquiry button above or calling us directly.

K3,990 for Diplomas (including modules), and K5,650 for Bachelors Degrees (including modules), K19,990 for Masters (including modules) and Doctorates also available. Our flexible payment terms suit most people's pockets.

Contact us for more information and details about scholarships.

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