About the UoA

​About The University of Africa


We are committed to improving services to students, making it more user-friendly, more enjoyable and more affordable.

The University of Africa (UoA) is a Private Open Distance-Learning Tertiary Institution with a rapidly growing student base and an expanding portfolio of study programmes and degrees being offered. Currently these programmes include Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration; Commerce; Economics; Health Service Administration; Human Resource Management; Law; Logistics and Transport; Marketing; Public Administration; Tourism and many more. A process is currently underway to make all our courses available online as part of our e-learning initiative. 

The vision of the University of Africa (UA) is to become the leading provider of quality distance education throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We currently have more than 2000 students from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and we are looking forward to welcoming students from Nigeria and Kenya soon. Contact your nearest campus here.

As a pan-African university, our passion is to respond to the actual and realistic needs of students who want to empower themselves, and through empowering themselves, contribute to wealth creation – for themselves, their families, communities and countries. We want to achieve this through 

Flexible Administration

Academic Integrity

Service Excellence

The innovative use of social and technical media.

We are proud to have joined forces with the Central African Correspondence College (CACC)the oldest private distance learning institution in Zambia (established in 1965). This makes the University of Africa Zambia, based in Lusaka and accredited by the Zambian Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (certificate number UA/LSKR/39/26), our biggest operation currently.