The University of Africa is a Private Open Distance-Learning Tertiary Institution. Our academic offering includes:


 Commerce & Development

 Teacher Education

 Engineering & Bio Science

 Law & Humanities

 Empowering students with knowledge, skills, research methodologies and competence to pursue rewarding careers. Click here for more info.  Equipping teachers who have diplomas with a degree that comes with benefits linked to higher education or studies. Click here for more info.  A range of courses that cover all the various fields associated with Engineering and Bio Science. Click here for more.  A four-year course that provides students with a rigorous and in-depth education in law. Click here for more info.

Please download and fill in an appropriate application form then upload it here with all copies of your qualifications.

For Undergraduates (Certificate, Diploma and Bachelors Degree) forms, get it here.

For masters and Phd applicants, get your form here.

If you have any querries, please call +260969527351


Please email your COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM, COPY OF YOUR NRC or PASSPORT and COPIES OF YOUR QUALIFICATIONS to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are proud to have joined forces with the Central African Correspondence College (CACC), the oldest private distance-learning institution in Zambia (established in 1965).

This makes the University of Africa Zambia, based in Lusaka, our biggest operation that we are currently running.